We are an independent publishing house based on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Our mission is to deliver exceptional literature from fresh voices to the commercial marketplace while respecting the author's ownership of his or her work.  We publish high quality fiction at a streamlined cost, ensuring it's the author who reaps the rewards from publishing. 

In order to provide our authors with individual attention, we must limit how many projects we accept.  Mabon Publishing handles between one and six titles a year.
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Available September !

The debut novel by Glynis Cooney

coming soon from Mabon Publishing.

Raised in the shadow of a fort dedicated to training Knights of the Round Table, Deirdre thirsts for adventure.

Instead, at 14, she is sent to court to learn the etiquette and talents of a young woman.

Court life, however, is more fraught with danger than she expected, and Deirdre finds herself entangled in a deadly conspiracy that stretches deep into the very heart of Camelot.

All Deirdre thought she knew and believed in—loyalty, love, bravery—is challenged when she embarks on a quest to defy Fate and save the King.